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April 24, 2018

Archives for 2016

If you can dream, YOU CAN DO IT … Walt Disney

Everything started from the dream of a child who wanted more than anything to go to the American Far West, living in a real ranch and learn how to breed the wild horses and then go home and rebuild his ranch. Alberto Chincherini for more than 20 years rides his dream that with time became

Horse sedating trick: Judge sentences David Smith, Charlotte Johnson and Aniela Jurecka to jail

Two ladies and a vet have been imprisoned over a “terrible” trick that included sedating wiped out and possibly perilous stallions and offering them to clueless purchasers. Equestrian focus accomplices Charlotte Johnson and Aniela Jurecka and David Smith were sentenced following a protracted trial a month ago. The stallions, estimated from £1,950 to £5,700, were

Police horse Shaktimaan gets statue, then loses it

Shaktimaan was given a police burial soon after he died in April and a memorial statue was installed in Dehradun last weekend. Ironically, four days later, the statue has been removed. Irony sometimes limps in to work to do its dirty work. The same thing happened with Shaktimaan, the police horse that made headlines recently

Equine therapy is helping people wirh PTSD and disabilities ..  MANDY SANGHERA Human Right Activist and Motivational Speaker.

veterans returning from combat situations face a higher risk–above most other populations–of developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Symptoms, which may include flashbacks, night terrors, and intense emotional reactions, affect not only veterans, but also the partners of veterans. Previous studies have shown a significant association between PTSD and intimate relationship problems. Equine therapy is helping

They Shoot Horses Full of Drugs, Don’t They

People have been pumping horses full of substances to get them to run faster as long as they’ve been sitting on top of horses and racing them against other horses for money. The difference between a win and a place can be literally a nose, so it makes sense that trainers would use everything at

A historical 9th May 2016 for indigenous horses

A historical 9th May 2016 for indigenous horses , as an MOU is signed with RWITC to maintain the record of different indigenous breed of horses along with DNA typing for parentage in scientific way. This will help coming generation of horse lovers to know the history as well as help in doing research. Our

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