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April 24, 2018

Zebrablond… The Queen of Zebras

Humanizing the animal and vice-versa is a secret that very few know. It is not just being a technique which establishes a friendship and communication creating feelings in animals and humans. This method as we call “Zebrablond’s Love Therapy” was first introduced by Barbara Carminati. A woman from Bergamo, Italy. Kenya… Zebra…


Barbara carminati… the blond…


While we humans as in contact with materialism often loose the spiritual condition that allows us to communicate with to the nature and animals it is for this reason that the majority of human’s can’t communicate with the animals! – Zebrablond’s Love Therapy

born Zebra blond. She is the first lady who trained a four year old stallion zebra named Kenya who was born in Rome.


Training an equid so wild is considered fatal as a wild zebra is unpredictable and has a tendency to attack and this precludes them from being domesticated. Despite being aware of the fact that zebras are considered dangerous and are nearly impossible to tame and even after seeing the negative results of famous trainers with endless years

of experience who not even failed to train but even failed to mount or make a zebra lie down and it did not demoralize Barbara.


However, initially because of the gender difference, Barbara


persuaded herself to give up on such difficult things in the equestrian world. But today she owes her success to infinite willpower and love for nature

. Only after three months of association with zebra Kenya,it started traveling regularly,would

exceptionally lie down and faced the audience in various shows and just after six months, climbed onto the platform and mounted them!

Kenya challenges the fire so much that it goes on a dais with Barbara and makes her climb into the saddle, watching the flames without being afraid of anything because it has blind faith in Barbara.

Kenya responds to the simplest request to smile, showing teeth, opens his mouth, lifting the lip and”smiles” at the voice prompt and then with the simple touch on the left front leg, lies down. He also salts on the platform observing Barbara doing the same.


Looking at her daughter Ester, a child born with instinct for nature, Barbara says: ” Watching My daughter love and the way she approaches each a n i m a l , h e r s h e e r simplicity, sincerity and desire to play with them, I

realized that only by acting like a little child, learning to have fun with animals, treating them as friends and not as slaves like many trainers, (I think they need their training and not the animals) one can create an equation with these wild equids.


Many trainers treat these majestic animals as objects to make money and have an apparent success, but in the end these people have only marginal success with horses of weak character, while horses with character and with wild equid like a zebra’s failure is guaranteed!


Zebra blond wants to prove that dreams are wishes that come true. Barbra mentions that her method of love therapy in training an animal goes through phases such as

sincerity, respect, kindness, the patience without which the therapy is like an emotionless man’s relationship.



Equidae and every other animals is reduced to be a simple robot that performs in the hands of the rider, people claiming to b right but forgetting that it is not a mechanical being but a living being with feelings and emotions. Failure in training a wild lies in the fail of man’s forgetting his spiritual side. They ignore the emotions of the wild may it be fear, suffering, pain, loneliness etc. It was Barbara who taught us that the equestrian world can only be conquered with deep friendship, instinctive love which is primordially deep as we all are beings of the same nature.

Nature is a source of positive energy that regenerates and we humans who have been affected by materialism often lose the spiritual connection that allows us to communicate with the nature and animals. It is for this reason that the majority of human’s can’t communicate with the animals!


Zebra blond love Therapy of Barbara gives priority to spiritual sentimental relationship over technical knowledge. Barbara from an early age has always loved the animals especially horses and dreamed of immense prairies of America and of galloping sleeping on a fantasy paint horse, the horse of Comanche Indians, the vast & savannahs of Africa and of galloping on a fantasy Zebra, horse of Africa. Growing a little close to nature Barbara was able to purchase a fantastic property rest led in Part hills of Bergamo, a magical place untouched where every day she had to be in close contact with all of her animals. It was then when Barbara discovered the primitive instincts, the ones that are basis of deep communications. Barbara loved Beautifultime (a paint horse) who won 6 Gold Medals, 3 Silver in Europe but her love at first right was the dram of Zebra’ as she describe all equid as almost human The result being that Barbara got in symbiosis with Zebra.


Compending further, Kenya is extremely dangerous and wild, being allotted from an animal, really fierce and terrifying like a lion, in an environment like Africa with adverse and torrid weather.

Zebra is less approachable than horse because domestic equid become accustomed to all amenities and protection of man while other than horses, Zebra could not be domesticated comprehending this, Barbara tried to establish the same relation with Kenya in the primitive stages of domestication using love therapy, putting her in the mood animal with extraordinary results . According to her, “Love means therapy, therapy of a series of emotional processes that allow us to enter in the heart and in the p r y h o l o g y o f t h e a n i m a l , understand when he is tired, sad, happy, he needs tenderness, sest, when the animal wants to play or have fun and get attraited rather than saying uff! “This Positive

energy can overcome impossible boundaries.


After training, Barbara Carminati has been the winner of many


n a t i o n a l & i n t e r n a t i o n a l competitions. She is honored as first grade rider in show jumping dressage. Apart from being the fo u n d e r a n d p re s i d e nt o f International Union of equestrian artists, and also is the only lady that rides a stallion Zebra without saddle and reins, Barbara was the first lady who participated in the biggest trade fair of horses called Fieracavalli held every year in Verona (Italy). It was in the history of 113years that no one would ever take a zebra in the event of Fieracavalli for performance. Barbara has three fantastic paint horses along with Zebra Kenya and

6 fantastic Dogs of (cane corso) bread.


Known Fact


March 12, 2010- Barbara and Kenya entered the hotel Rome cavalier Hilton for an event of Pfizer in a big hall with an immensity of audience, heights, color, where Kenya really seemed to enjoy being photographed. There was a large screen on which live images of Barbara and Zebrawer displayed, with large inscription …” MISSION POSSIBLE”


The story of Barbara escalates the power of will

j u d i c i o u s l y Doused and l o v e b e i n g practiced as learning.