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April 24, 2018

Crazy Horse and the rider …. Arrjun sangwan

It was the very first time when i touched a horse on a barn in kansas, I knew that this won’t be the last time…I was 5 at that time and now I’m 17. From the first touch of this magnificent creature till today morning, the feeling, the happiness, the anxiety to ride it is still the same as it was back in kansas…alot has changed and been done and alot achieved in this period. I never really got to know when and how I got so addicted to horses i still think was it the first time or after that or maybe after that and so on but what really matters is that now it has become a part of me. The addiction of riding dragged me towards equestrian the sport of the God’s and it became my passion. Competing hasn’t been easy for me because i don’t really own a horse but My heart  attached to many because of my dad being in army it was like different horses for practice,different one for jumping,dressage etc…this somehow has helped me to have a better understanding with nt only 1 bt almost all the horses..nt with all bt some one has to adjust, it used be like a new horse every show every place this even created many problems like having injuries, nt having a good score bt with time problems began to fade the only aim was to do well and i believe when u enter confidently in the arena with full concentration no one can stop you from winning except ur horse this is the twist of this sport i like so you even have to keep ur horse confident and focused. Injuries have taken place sometimes because of me and sometimes because of my horse but mostly because of me. I’ve ridden so many horses in which all of them played a crucial role in making me a rider all of them tought me something or another in these years and i hope of continuing to learn and i even teach in the future to come. Sometimes something’s happen which U’ve never thought of and some memories get revived to turn even the moment’s of defeat into a win, and from then that moment gets registered in your memory forever. An incident took place during the Delhi Horse Show, in which i had a fall in my jumping event when my horse shied because of the crowd I was 12 at that time and my horse Veeru so powerful that even at the age of 17 their was no one who could beat him in the arena, I fell, I saw the crowd laughing , people came to me with fake condolences, that was the time when I thought that i have to win this it was at this juncture that the memory of Crazy horse came to me…Crazy horse
The red indian chief in memory of whom a monument is coming up next to mount Rushmore in USA is a name which has stayed with me despite the fact that it has been a decade. The monument is huge, in fact a whole hill is being carved; the sheer scope of the monument and the figure of the chief atop a wild horse is etched in my thoughts and has been instrumental in developing my interest in this beautiful sport.
The crazy horse and it’s spirit came to my rescue when I needed it most. The competition was tough and each event was fiercely contested however I had decided to win it. The image of crazy horse  was a image of hope, belief and trust . The image of a warrior who had complete faith in his ride as he fought the Yankees and as I climbed on top of my horse suitably named Maverick I thought myself as the Crazy Horse the red indian chief going to battle. The pressure, the crowd, the obstacles all became irrelevant, only thing that mattered was me and my horse as we sailed over the obstacle in unison. As I finished the round I heard the roar of crowd,looking over my shoulder I saw the clock read the fastest time .
That day taught me the importance of faith in one’s capabilities is must to achieve success
I won the competition and was the best rider and the lesson has stayed with me for life ..
It was one of few lessons which the sport has taught me hopefully there are more which we I learn in the arena then in life …