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April 24, 2018


Elena Bajona, an Italian equine applied behaviorist and massage therapist has recently created one-of-a-kind healing program that offers a unique way to solve behavioral and physical problem on horses. Elena is an equine specialist professional dedicating her life to the welfare of these wonderful animals and helping people to understand the language and behavior of the horse. The healing program made in Italy consists of a combination of cognitive and psychological therapies, involving the brain and the hearth of horses, with the physical work such as massages and bodywork that goes in depth in the musculoskeletal apparatus. Behavior problems are often an unfamiliar field of practice for many veterinarians, so individuals outside the profession are often consulted for advice on such matters. However, many of these behaviors involve medical conditions so an understanding of the fundamental concepts underlying these problems and appropriate application of clinical skills is essential. Elena’s therapies are supporting and not substituting the veterinarian job. She manages all behavioral issues and performs various therapeutic treatments based on the type of injury or problem a horse is experiencing. The combination of the two work fields (mind and body) goes into depth of the problem and reduces the healing process for the animal. The goal of this unique program is to build confidence in the horse eliminating all his psychological issues, deepening the bond between horse and rider, and at the same time, with massage therapies, to promote circulation, relieve tension, improve muscle tone, and relax muscle spasms. Healthy, spasm free, fully extensible muscle tissue is less prone to injury. As homeopathic and natural remedies are quickly becoming the choice for injuries, massage has emerged in the forefront of modalities used, as its benefits are profound, and almost instantly a difference can be observed as the horse will begin to move more easily. At the same time an improved mental attitude can reduce the pain and enhance athletic performance. Based in Italy, Elena Bajona is travelling in Europe and overseas for private consultancies and for short and long term therapies. She is the founder of the Equine Behavior Academy ANIMANTIA- a private international academy founded in 2002 specialized in the study and teaching of Applied Animal Behavior, dedicated to develop a better understanding and a perfect relationship between humans and animals. Elena teaches professional classes in applied equine behavior in Italy, Germany, UK, USA and conducts special field trip in different countries to teach and apply the study of the animal behavior. In 2004 she started, together with the American professional Jason Buckingham, the organization named Wild Horse Watching. Special observation activities of real wild horses are held in natural pristine sites all over the world, open to researchers/students or wild horses enthusiasts. Elena’s strong believe is that only studying and understanding the real natural behavior of horses leaving free in the wild allows to comprehend the issues related to a bad behavior and identify the real cause. And this way of thinking was a huge support to find a fine tuning of all her therapies programs and to create the last innovating, both physical and psychological healing program here presented.

Elena Bajona

Email: elena.bajona@animantia.it

Mobile: +39 347 1715852