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March 23, 2018

Horse sedating trick: Judge sentences David Smith, Charlotte Johnson and Aniela Jurecka to jail

Two ladies and a vet have been imprisoned over a “terrible” trick that included sedating wiped out and possibly perilous stallions and offering them to clueless purchasers. Equestrian focus accomplices Charlotte Johnson and Aniela Jurecka and David Smith were sentenced following a protracted trial a month ago. The stallions, estimated from £1,950 to £5,700, were


Gentle Giant Sea Horses

During the months of February through May, and again in September through November, the “Paardenvissers” or fishermen on horseback from Oostduinkerke, Belgium have taken their Belgian (Brabant or Brabançon) horses, planks and nets into the breast-deep water of the North Sea trolling for shrimp since the 17th Century.   Sturdy and steady and willing to work is the name

Chincoteague Island Tourist Destination for the Annual Pony Swim

celebrates 90 years   First there was Misty of Chincoteague, then there was Surfer Dude. And through it all, there was thenChincoteague Pony Swim: equal parts cultural celebration and functioning auction. For the citizens of Chincoteague, the swim is part of a week of events honoring the island’s culture and heritage, and the ponies themselves.


Best horse movies you must watch

“National Velvet” (1944) Start with one of the classical pieces of cinematic horse history, number one is a story that is canonically one of every horse-lover’s favorites. The protagonist, Velvet Brown (played by Elizabeth Taylor), adores horses and comes to own one very spirited horse, which she names The Pie. A jockey played by Mickey

Emotional Intelligence Increased With Horses

A research study conducted at the University of Kentucky found that working with horses could increase emotional intelligence. The total number of research subjects in the study was 21, and they were all nurses. Ten were from a neuroscience surgery service unit and eleven worked in trauma and acute care at a hospital. The group

Sex abuse against horses on the rise in Switzerland

Switzerland is seeing a worrying increase in the number of sex attacks carried out against animals and in particular horses. Figures showed cases of animal abuse rose to 1,709 in 2014, an increase of 1,542 from the previous 12 months. The findings are worrying animal rights groups as it is a problem that seems to

If you can dream, YOU CAN DO IT … Walt Disney

Everything started from the dream of a child who wanted more than anything to go to the American Far West, living in a real ranch and learn how to breed the wild horses and then go home and rebuild his ranch. Alberto Chincherini for more than 20 years rides his dream that with time became


High-tech for horses: New whole body CT system uses robotic technology

Robotics-driven design provides an unlimited range of motion and unencumbered access to the horse’s entire anatomy. From Universal Medical Systems, Inc., of Solon, Ohio, and Equine 4DDI comes a new computed tomography (CT) system allowing for whole-body scans of standing and moving horses. The equipment, called Equimagine, operates as an imaging workstation using two or

Equine Endocrinology: Cushing’s Disease and Metabolic Syndrome

Introduction With each passing year, horses are living longer lives and their owners are becoming more interested in preserving health, athletic function and quality of life throughout middle age and the geriatric years. This article reviews two related endocrine disorders of mature and geriatric horses: equine Cushing’s disease and a recently recognized condition that is

Caring for horses eases symptoms of dementia

SOURCE :- Ohio State University Summary: In the first study of its kind, researchers have determined that spending time with horses eases symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia. The small pilot study suggests that equine therapy — a treatment used today for children and teens who have emotional and developmental disorders — could work for adults, too,

Science should beat public opinion on non-native species

The Forest Service’s Salt River stray horse management pivot sets a bad precedent. Arizona has a number of non-native species threatening its riparian areas and waterways. Could political pressure change the management of these other species? Will we allow the amalgamated bivalve lobby to stop Arizona’s big zebra mussel control campaign? If the right people

Four cases of swamp fever confirmed in American horses

    Swamp fever, also known as equine infectious anemia (EIA), is much scarier than it sounds. It is the HIV of the horse world with no cure. Horses infected with swamp fever stay infectious their whole lives. Swamp fever is spread by mainly by flies, although in the past cases of vet medical equipment